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    You are invited

    Your ticket reveals the address of our secret, San Francisco speakeasy.


    There, our temporal turnstile will teleport you to Timeless Square, where you'll be immersed in the sights and sounds of a bustling, bizzaro Manhattan featuring an all-Eastern-time lineup of...

    • 🎷 live jazz
    • 🎶 DJs
    • 🎭 immersive theatre
    • 💈 pole dancing
    • 🛋 chill spaces
    • 🩰 big art
    • 🍾 and bottomless bubbles

    ...'til the ball drops (at 9pm Pacific)!

    Then, we'll send you back to the streets of SoMa, warmed up, and ready to celebrate New Year's Eve, again, in Pacific Time.

  • 2023 Recap

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    Photos by Jeremie Frémaux and Max Kapczynski

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    Woo! We made enough to replace and upgrade the stolen gear!!!

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    The creators who donated their time to bring the shenanigans

  •  Lost & found? Wanna live here?

    Lost something? Or, want to find yourself by living in the chaos of a historic queer arts & events venue in SoMa?

    Email organizedbyvictoria@gmail.com

  • 2025 is coming!

  • Don't miss this pre-party

    FOMO tickets available now, don't miss your train...

  • Request for proposals

    Got an idea for a NYC-theme interactive art installation for 2025? Let's collaborate. Email organizedbyvictoria@gmail.com

  • About the Venue

    A queer community arts space

    This is a queer-and-trans-run community space.

    No bigotry will be tolerated.

    Enthusiastic consent is mandatory.



    The event takes place up a flight of stairs.

    NOTAFLOF (that stands for: No One Turned Away For Lack of Funds)
    There are no furry pets in this space, so you will not have to worry about allergies to cats or pups.

    Message us if you have accessibility concerns and we'll do our best to help: organizedbyvictoria@gmail.com

  • Consent

    We practice enthusiastic consent. This applies to everyone.

    Consent is...






    Do not touch the performers unless invited to do so

    There will be performers on stage, and immersed throughout the party.

    Please keep your hands to yourselves.

    Respect their bodies, respect their costumes, respect their props, respect their gear.

    Substances & consent

    While we offer bottomless bubbles, we also expect our guests to maintain a level of composure required to give and perceive consent. If you overdo it, you are not in trouble, we understand that accidents happen, and we will find you the space you need to settle and get home safe.

  • Who's responsible for this?

    My name is Victoria

    I organize things. Often, I organize physical stuff. Occasionally, I organize events, or organize support around causes I care about. This is both - an event and a cause! More about me: www.organizedbyvictoria.com


    This party would not have been possible without the community coming together to volunteer around this cause they believe in.