• We did it!

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart

    Raised: $12,238 !!

    Our expenses exceeded our initial projected budget, but we still raised enough to:

    • Cover all costs associated with the party
    • Upgrade the stolen gear (which has been purchased and is in the hands of the owner, ready to use at events and festivals)
    • Host an appreciation gathering for the volunteers & artists

    We are so grateful to each of you for helping us reach our goal to replace the stolen gear!!!


    Donations for the artists are still welcome

    If you feel inspired by what we created and want to see the artists receive some payment, we accept donations:

    Venmo: @Victoria-Dobbs

    Zelle: organizedbyvictoria@gmail.com


    All additional donations will go directly to the artists!

  • This is a fundraiser

    The Setup

    A member of our community, who shall remain nameless, has been lending some (very expensive!) audio gear to ...well, most of the events you may have gone to in the last few years:


    Priceless, Come Together Campout, Mile High, Cluster*, Organ House, 20Mish and any number of shindigs that are, oddly enough, related to the storage of food in sealed plastic containers.

    The Situation

    This summer, while that gear was out getting cleaned, it got stolen. It's been 6 months and no one's been able to afford to replace it.

    The Solution

    I'm determined to try to make it better. Let's get our buddy back in the jam creation and provision business. Together we can all help create music & great kiss spots for years to come.

  • How to donate


    Even if you can't attend, you can help support the cause
    Please include a memo indicating it's a donation for the stolen gear!





    Secret Party

    You can donate without a ticket



  • Fundraising Goals & Progress

    Your donations help the ball drop toward a new year with new gear.

    GOAL - $8k

    • Cost of USED replacement gear (exact makes & models of the items stolen) 
    • Minimum viable party expenses (everyone working as volunteers)


    STRETCH GOAL #1 - $11k

    • Instead of used old gear, we'll upgrade to the latest & greatest, with shiny new makes & models, all under warranty, with insurance. 


    STRETCH GOAL #2 - $15k

    • Pay the artists!
    • Dozens of skilled craftspeople and performers are donating their time for this community cause
    • While we appreciate their generosity and eagerness, we'd love to be able to offer the people who rely on art as their primary means of income some financial compensation for their contributions


  • What if you exceed $15k in fundraising?

    If we exceed $15k, I will create a fund for helping artists replace stolen audio gear. Artists will be able to apply, and our production team will select an artist in need as the recipient of replacement gear.

    Will you keep any of this money for yourself, Victoria?


    When did you last update the progress tracker image?

    Sunday, December 25, 2022.

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