• Who's responsible for this?

    My name is Victoria

    I organize things. Often, I organize physical stuff. Occasionally, I organize events, or organize support around causes I care about. This is both - an event and a cause! More about me: www.organizedbyvictoria.com


    This party would not have been possible without the community coming together to volunteer around this cause they believe in. Unpaid internship opportunities were available on our engineering, production, and entertainment teams. Skilled and unskilled positions. Great exposure. All relocation costs from SF covered.

    Volunteer refund request form 2023

    Did you volunteer and need a refund? Here's the form to request! Please complete no later than Friday Jan 6th, 2023.

  • Credits and thank yous

    Credits & thank yous

    The sets & props were created with almost zero cost. The materials were almost entirely donated, borrowed, or salvaged from landfill. Everyone donated their time.


    Victoria Dobbs 

    Creative Director & Executive Producer

    JD David

    Technical Director


    Zenab Ahmed

    Lead Writer


    Ethan Cantil-Voorhees

    Marketing Manager


    Paje Dandilion

    Central Park Art Director & Muralist, Lead Art Consultant


    Motion Graphics Animator

    Sean Stevens

    Head IT Director




    Writers & Ideators

    Victoria Dobbs, Zenab Ahmed, Sam Potter, Jeremiah Allen Welch, Paje Dandilion, Ian Morrison


    AV Team

    JD David, Evan Sirchuk, Charlie Sirchuk, Theo Rolle, Sean Stevens, Ethan Cantil-Voorhees, Bad Beau


    Designers, Builders, and Engineers

    Max Kapczynski, Maleah Losito, Emily Quiles, Skot Kuiper, Sean Stevens, Macfly, Vic Yang, Ari Ciglar, Laura, Sparr Risher, Zach Morek, Alexei Svensson, Patrick Lindley, Iski Wordsworth, Blue Hephaestus, Mikayla, Aaron, Mazen, Belle Vance, Theo Rolle, Brandon Loberg, Jason Whitacre, Jeems, Simon Vana, Holden Morris

    Print Donor

    Momentum Infinity Inc / Sean Stevens

    Lighting Designer

    Ethan Cantil-Voorhees

    Sound Designers

    Victoria Dobbs, JD David, Sam Potter, Sean Stevens


    Colleen Marbles, Kelly Dragon, Zenab Ahmed, Sam Potter, Paje Dandilion, Blue Hephaestus, Milo


    Voice Actors

    Phone booth and bathroom hecklers:
    Sam Potter, JD David, Kelly Dragon, Andrew Frost (and friends), Paje Dandilion, Ian Morrison, Jen Pixie, Emily Quiles, Victoria Dobbs, Zenab Ahmed, Max Kapczynski, Theo Rolle


    In-event On-site Volunteers

    Sam Randolph. Winter Ku, Rebecca Power, Sparr Risher, Chris Alexandra, Kelly Dragon, Caleb Cook, Laura Rubin, Trixie Lamonte, Amy Cinna Lee, Ellie MacBride


    Bad Beau, Ajmal, Whiskey Devil


    Live Jazz & Beats

    William Cenote

    Pole Dancing Instructor


    Event Photographers

    Jeremie Frémaux, Max Kapczynski


    Stuff Donors & Loaners

    Artemis, Raines Cohen, Sam Costigan, Sean Stevens/Momentum Infinity Inc, Becca Dacso, Natalie Pollard, Jelly Ramone, Shweta Marichika, Caren Emerald Deborah, Byrd Bannick, Evo Heyning, Patrick Lindley, Chris Downing, The Bike Connection, Folsom St Events, Coit Tower


    Timeless Square Ad Space Sponsors

    The New Modality magazine, Sage-ing International, 16th & Mission Open Mic




    If I forgot your name or spelled it wrong please ping me so I can fix it. I'm certain your contributions were important and I'm grateful, it's just that I'm writing these credits New Year's Day in a daze, attempting to consolidate weeks of blurry build memories, and comms with volunteers across a dozen different platforms, so I'm bound to have made oversights. (Also some of your last names I don't know, so I just made them up based on whimsy, feel free to send me corrections if you desire!) Text me or email organizedbyvictoria@gmail.com